Quiz on Health Fitness ways and Benefits

Quiz on Health Fitness ways and Benefits
Quiz on Health Fitness ways and Benefits

Quiz on Health Fitness ways and Benefits

Quiz on health fitness ways: Health is the physical and mental condition of the individual and fitness is the way to keep yourself healthy by regulating your lifestyle. This ultimate health fitness quiz will help you promote self-discipline and adopt good eating habits in a regulated and supervised way to keep your body fit and healthy.
There are three important parts to consider while understanding fitness, health, and wellness. Firstly - health without disease, second - mentally healthy and energetic and third is your appearance / look - you need to be fit and in shape.
After solving this fitness quiz, you will understand the concept and ways to be healthy, disease free, physically and mentally fit. It consists of 20 multiple choice questions and answers. Each question has four answer options, you must select the correct one. Flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the Fitness Quiz, your total score will appear. By solving this quiz, you will learn several things and the additional knowledge can be found at the end of this post.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of the ways and benefits of health fitness.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the health fitness quiz above
1. What is meant by Health?
2. What is good health?
3. What is meant by fitness?
4. How to stay healthy?
5. What is the main cause of most illnesses?
6. What is the main benefit of physical exercise?
7. What is the main objective of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation?
8. Why should you only eat between sunrise and sunset?
9. What are the two most effective physical exercises for maintaining good health?
10. What to do to lose your overweight?
11. If you are underweight, how can you increase your weight?
12. How does yoga help improve your mental health?
13. What is meant by balanced diet?
14. Why is good sleep important?
15. If you want to increase your arm size, what will be your priority?
16. This food contains enough protein, lots of anti-inflammatory omega 3S and fast-acting carbohydrates, what is the best after your workout?
17. Which of the following drinks contains the most caffeine?
18. According to scientific research, which of the following drinks is the most hydrating?
19. Why should not do cardio before  lifting weights?
20. Which of the following foods is richest in brain-boosting omega 3S?
To learn more about health and fitness, keep reading the following information that will definitely help you think differently.

What is meant by Health?

Health is nothing other than the physical and mental condition of the individual, it can be good or bad.
Good health means your physical body condition is healthy without any disorder and you are without any diseases. Similarly, you are free from any stress, depression and anxiety i.e. mentally healthy.
Bad health is opposite to above.

What is meant by fitness?

Fitness is the way to stay healthy by regulating your lifestyle. Lifestyle can include managing your diet or eating habits, regular exercise to keep your body fit and in shape, practicing yoga and meditation to keep you mentally healthy without stress, depression and anxiety, etc.

How to stay healthy?

Here are the major elements that help the individual to stay healthy
1. Good Digestion: The problem with the digestive system is the main cause of all illnesses, so maintaining good health through a balanced diet and self-discipline is the key to a healthy body. Dieting is responsible for reducing, increasing or maintaining your body weight. It can help maintain your digestive system and prevent or treat conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks, and obesity.
To keep your digestive system healthy, follow the simple principles below

  • Eat only between sunrise and sunset (To find out why, click here)
  • Control food intake (To find out why, click here)
  • Eat only Sattwic foods, ie fruits and vegetables, but avoid raw foods (to find out why, click here)
  • Avoid processed or frozen foods (to find out why, click here)
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar and salt (To find out why, click here)
  • Limit the amount of food, but love to eat (to find out why, click here)
  • Drink more water (to find out why, click here)

2. Good Sleep: It is also a very important element of good health and physical fitness. It is responsible for your physical and mental health. Lack of good sleep (less than 8 hours for adults and less than 6 hours for the elderly) can affect the efficiency of your immune system, the healing properties of the body, increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It can also cause stress, depression, and anxiety.

3.  Physical Exercise: This element is very useful for keeping in good physical health and in shape. It helps to strengthen your muscles, body strength, maintain bone density, flexibility, etc.

4. Mental exercise: Regular yoga practice, including meditation and pranayama, is the best way to maintain or improve metal health. It can reduce stress, depression, anxiety, improve lung function, help mix oxygen in the blood and thus stimulate the brain. It can also help prevent the secretion of harmful enzymes in the body.
To find out more, you can refer to the quizzes below


This ultimate health and fitness quiz is prepared to help you understand the real meaning of good health and fitness. It is also helpful to supervise and regulate your healthy lifestyle.
We discussed the importance of self-disciplining diets, physical and mental exercises such as yoga and meditation. If you want to stay healthy, just follow simple things like drinking water in the morning, getting all foods in the window at sunrise and sunset, having your breakfast lightly with lots of nutrients balanced, lunch should be heaviest, dinner should be light, certain foods are prohibited and eat enough throughout the day.
If you respect nature and obey its laws, something powerful will happen every day, you will be healthier throughout your life, and good nutrition will help prevent disease.
This health and fitness quiz can also be used to test your knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, including a natural balanced diet, physical and mental workout in scientific way.

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