Health Quiz on Healthy Food | Multiple choice questionnaire on healthy food

Health Quiz on Healthy Food
Health Quiz on Healthy Food

Health Quiz on Healthy Food | Multiple choice questionnaire on healthy food

Quiz on Healthy Food: Knowledge on healthy food is very important for all age groups to stay healthy. Since childhood, people learn to eat healthy and try to adopt it for their health and lifestyle.
Most people maintain their good health by practicing good habits of exercise, yoga and meditation with control over their eating habits and are successful in living disease free.
It has been observed that young people are very fascinated with junk food (unhealthy food) due to its addictive test. Knowledge about healthy foods can help people change their lifestyles and adopt healthy eating habits.
Quiz provides a great way to educate people in a very interesting way and test their knowledge on the topic to identify their strengths or weaknesses.
This healthy food quiz helps you understand the benefits of a healthy diet, the nutrient requirements for the human body, a healthy lifestyle and much more. You can share this quiz on healthy food with your loved one to make them aware of the importance and benefits of healthy food to stay healthy and disease free.
This quiz on healthy food consists of 20 multiple choice questions, you have to select the correct answer and click on it. The correct answer flashes green while the wrong answer flashes red. Click on the next button to continue the quiz and at the end of the quiz the total score is displayed.



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Here are the questions covered in the above quiz on healthy food.
1. Which of the following is a starchy vegetable?
2. Which of the following is a non-starchy vegetable?
3. Which is a food rich in iron?
4. Which one is a source of high vitamin D?
5. The intake of unhealthy sodium in the diet should be limited to ______
6. How many calories in a teaspoon of granulated white sugar?
7. How many calories in a tablespoon of honey?
8. What should the daily sugar intake limit be for the average adult?
9. According to the Institute of Medicine, how much fiber do women need in their diet per day?
10. According to the Institute of Medicine, how much fiber do men need in their diet per day?
11. What are the main sources of fiber in the diet?
12. How much calcium do you need in your daily diet?
13. How much iron do you need in your daily diet?
14. Which one below is the richest in vitamin A?
15. Which milk contains the most protein?
16.  What is a healthy serving of nuts for reducing the risk of heart disease?
17. Which of the following is the source of vitamin B1 to help the body process carbohydrates and protein?
18. Which of the following is the source of vitamin B2 to help convert food into energy?
19. Which of the following is the source of vitamin C to help our bodies protect against cell damage and support the immune system?
20. Which of the following is the source of vitamin E to help the skin protect cells from damage?

To better understand the meaning of health, healthy foods, and the benefits of healthy food, keep reading.

What is health?

Health is the physical and mental condition of the human body. It can be good or bad health. Physical health is the state of the physical form of the body and the absence of disease. Any abnormality in physical condition means that it prevents the individual from doing normal work.
Physical health can be affected by lifestyle, hormonal changes, genetic disorders, diet, the type of physical activity, etc.
The mental health is associated with individual behaviour, intellectual, social and emotional well-being. It can also be affected by genetic disorders, social relationships, stress, nature of thinking, social media, other risks of psychological exposure. Sometimes we can say that the absence of mental disorder is the metal health.

What does mean by healthy food?

Foods that are beneficial to our health and are not responsible for creating short or long term illnesses are called healthy foods. Foods rich in natural fibre, nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fructose are healthy foods.
Eating a healthy food also helps lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of heart attacks, other infections and diseases.
Fruits and green vegetables are an example of healthy food. Healthy food helps our bodies stay strong, energetic, and disease free by strengthening the immune system.
A healthy food comes from natural resources, mainly plants and vegetables, and provides the right proportion of vitamins, calories, minerals, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, iron, calcium, low fats and rich fibre to keep our body healthy, free from any disease.

Benefits of healthy food

Healthy food reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. and increases the immune system, vitality and longevity of the body.
Healthy food helps control the intake of unnecessary / extra trans-fat, calories, protein, and sugar.

Quiz on Healthy Food helps educate people and children about the importance of good nutrition for improving their immune systems and warding off disease. Knowledge and education can change people's attitudes and quizzes help uncover strengths and weaknesses to better plan for the future.

This healthy food quiz helps you choose your healthy lifestyle by adopting good eating habits.
Test your knowledge on Healthy Food, solve this quiz and improve your knowledge


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