Quiz on Chemical Safety Terms - Test your knowledge of Chemical Safety

Quiz on Chemical Safety Terms - Test your knowledge of Chemical Safety

Quiz on Chemical Safety Terms - Test your knowledge of Chemical Safety

To learn more about chemical safety, the first step is to understand the common language on chemical safety terms used around the world. Terms relating to chemical safety are generally derived from many sources, including medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, epidemiology, ecotoxicology and environmental pollution. You may be confused as the chemical safety terms used by different sources may not be structured and some may have overlapping meanings, may be alternate or even ambiguous.

Here you will learn the most accepted chemical safety terms in the form of a questionnaire formulated by various scientific bodies and simplified by the ILO.

The quiz is the best way to learn new things, test your knowledge on different topics, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This chemical safety quiz offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun. It also helps you understand the different terminologies used to explain the hazardous properties of chemicals.

This Chemical Safety Questionnaire can be shared with employees and workers so that they understand common terms used to explain the risk associated with hazardous chemicals.

This Quiz on chemical safety can also be used as an important tool to raise awareness of different terminologies and definitions of chemical safety so that people can understand the hazards and risk of stored chemicals. This questionnaire are very useful for those who handle hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

This chemical safety terms quiz includes 15 multiple choice questions and answers, with each question having four answer options. You have to select the correct one by clicking on it, the green background indicates the correct answer, while the red is the wrong answer. At the end of the test, your total score will appear.

Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of chemical safety.


Chemical Safety Terms Quiz

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Here are the details of information covered in above Quiz on Chemical Safety

Q. 1 According to WHO, What is meant by toxicology absorbed dose?

Q.2.  What is the name of effects that occur rapidly subsequent to short duration exposure.

Q.3 What is meant by Chronic effects?

Q4. What is meant by Ceiling value?

Q5. What is meant by Cumulative effect?

Q6. What is the definition of idiosyncrasy?

Q7. What is irritant means?

Q8.  What is LC 50?

Q9. What is LD50?

Q10. What is STEL?

Q.11. What is TLV?

Q12. What is TWA?

Q13. What is IDLH?

Q14. What is LEL?

Q15. What Is UEL? 

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