Quiz on H2S Safety | Questionnaire on Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Quiz on H2S Safety | Questionnaire on Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Quizzes are the best way to educate workers and employees in interesting way and also helps to validate the training effectiveness. This quiz on hazards of hydrogen sulphide gas helps you to test your knowledge on H2S and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a highly toxic and flammable gas, is a naturally occurring chemical compound produced during the decomposition of organic matter.

H2S is colorless and heavier than air, soluble in both water and oil, and is often found in places such as peatlands, swamp and sewers. It is natural gas deposits crude oil and get release during oil exploration and oil refining process.

This Hydrogen Sulfide quiz helps you understand the deadliest physical & Chemical properties of H2S. You will also learn the safety hazards associated with it in Oil and Gas installations and what are the best safety measures requires to manage the risk. This H2S questionnaire formulated with ref to its safety data sheet and experience in Oil and Gas industries.

This quiz on Hydrogen Sulfide includes 16 multiple choice questions and answers, with each question having four answer options. You have to select the correct one by clicking on it, the green highlight indicates the correct answer, while the red is the wrong answer. At the end of the test, your total score will appear.

Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of hazards of Hydrogen Sulphide Gas.


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Here are the details of questionnaire covered in above Quiz on Hazards of H2S

Q.1 What is the colour of H2S Gas?

Q.2. Which one below is a false statement?

Q3. H2S is colorless and ________than air.

Q4. TLV-TWA of H2S is ________

Q5. STEL-TWA of H2S is _____

Q6. NIOSH - IDLH of H2S is _________

Q7. LEL of H2S is __________

Q8. UEL of H2S is _______

Q9. H2S combines with water to form ___________, a strongly corrosive acid. 

Q.10. Corrosion due to H2SO4 is often referred to as _____________

Q.11. Due to presence of H2S in crude oil, iron sulfide forms a scale at low temperatures and this iron sulfide is also called as _________

Q.12. According to OSHA PELs, general Industrial Ceiling limit of H2S is _________

Q.13. According to OSHA PELs, general Industrial peak limit of H2S is _________

Q.14. According to OSHA PELs, Construction 8-hour limit of H2S is _________

Q.15. According to OSHA PELs, Shipyard 8-hour limit of H2S is _________

Q.16. __________ Odor threshold of H2S i.e. When rotten egg smell is first noticeable to some.


This Questionnaire on H2S can be shared with employees and workers to make them understand the hazards of hydrogen sulfide gas and follow the safety precautions to minimise the risk at ALARP level.

Hydrogen sulfide is deadliest gas capable of submerging and killing almost instantly in the highest concentrations. Its corrosive and flammable property possess a great danger to workers at oil and gas sites.

Hydrogen sulfide has an unpleasant rotten egg smell in low concentrations and is heavier than air thus remains close to the ground and can accumulate in low areas or confined spaces, including mud pits, gas vents, basements and substructures.

This Quiz on hazards of H2S gas can also be used as an important tool to raise awareness of safety so that people can understand the hazards and risk of hydrogen sulfide. This questionnaire is very useful for peoples working in crude oil exploration, rig and refining operations.

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