Quiz on Fire Water Sprinkler System

Fire Quiz on Water Sprinkler System
Fire Quiz on Water Sprinkler System

Quiz on Fire Water Sprinkler System: Ultimate Questionnaire

Quiz on Fire Sprinkler System: The fire sprinkler system consists of a water supply system through a piped distribution network with sprinkler nozzles to provide adequate pressure and flow and intended to either control or to suppress the fire.
The main components of sprinkler system are the water reservoir/storage, fire water supply pump, piping distribution network including risers, network isolation valves, control valves or deluge valves, orifice plates, high point vent, sprinkler nozzles, heat sensor/ detectors/ quartzoid bulbs and fire alarms or fire bell.
There are about 5 types of sprinkler systems available worldwide and can be designed based on geological conditions, hazards classification and intended use. Some common types of sprinkler systems are dry and wet pipe system, wet pipe with antifreeze system,  sprinkle with deluge valves, electrical activation system, pre-action sprinkler system, Water spray system or open nozzle type sprinkler system including medium velocity water spray system (MVWS) and high velocity water spray system (HVWS), foam sprinkler system and water mist system.
Quizzes are the best way to test your knowledge on different topics, learning outcomes and identify your strengths and weaknesses to plan further study. It also offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun.
This Fire sprinkler system quiz helps you understand the importance of active fire protection system, the types of sprinkler system, types of heat sensing bulbs, operation philosophy, requirement of deluge valves, testing requirement, designing requirements, and much more.
This questionnaire on fire sprinkler system can be shared with employees, workers, school children and community peoples to make them aware about importance of fire safety, the emergency preparedness and how sprinkler system help to save the property and allowing more time to evacuate safely.
This fire sprinkler system quiz features 20 multiple choice questions and answers, with each question having four answer options. You must select the correct one by click on it, flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of fire sprinkler system.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the Fire Sprinkler System quiz above

1. What is the temperature rating for yellow quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

2. What is the temperature rating for orange quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

3. What is the temperature rating for Red quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

4. What is the temperature rating for green quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

5. What is the temperature rating for blue quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

6. What is the temperature rating for purple quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

7. What is the temperature rating for black quartzoid sprinkler bulb?

8. What is the intent of the Fire sprinkler system?

9. While designing fire sprinkler system, what is meant by design density?

10. When and where to consider dry pipe sprinkler system?

11. Which of the following sprinkler systems has open sprinkler heads / nozzles?

12. Who and when invented fire sprinkler system?

13. What type of sprinkler head are available in marker?

14. What is the size of sprinkler head heat sensing bulbs?

15. In which sprinkler system 3mm glass bulbs are used?

16. In which sprinkler system 5mm glass bulbs are used?

17. If you want to design the sprinkler system for the area where the ambient temperature is 37 degrees, what will be the bulb temperature rating you are considering?

18. If you want to design the sprinkler system for the area where the ambient temperature is 45 degrees C and maximum temperature recorded in pick time is 48 degree C, what will be the bulb temperature rating you are considering?

19. Fire sprinklers with a larger K-Factor discharge __________at a given pressure.

20. What is an upright sprinkler head?


This Fire Sprinkler System Quiz can be shared with your employees, workers, school children and community to educate them on the importance of preventing and protecting fires in buildings or in the factory area. All occupants of the building or factory workers should be aware of the fire protection system so that in a fire emergency they should use it to save their lives and the lives of others.
Training, awareness and regular fire drills make the workforce more competent to mitigate fire emergencies in the workplace. Regular inspection, testing and maintenance of the sprinkler system increases reliability. This Fire Sprinkler System Quiz is designed to cover all relevant information about the dry, wet, deluge and pre-action type sprinkler system and helps to raise awareness about fire safety.

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Please note that Fire sprinkler system is not replacement of portable fire extinguishers

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