Fire Quiz on Emergency Response Plan: Ultimate questionnaire

Fire Quiz on Emergency Response Plan
Fire Quiz on Emergency Response Plan

Fire Quiz on Emergency Response Plan: Ultimate questionnaire

Quiz on emergency response plan: The emergency response plan is a systematic and documented planning for the management of any credible emergency scenario in the workplace by establishing key roles and responsibilities and ensuring the necessary infrastructure to minimize the severity of consequences and facilitate recovery after the emergency event. This written emergency response plan must be communicated to all occupants, maintain in the workplace and available for review by employees.
Organizations with a workforce of 10 or less may not need to maintain the documented emergency response plan, but the employer must communicate it orally to their employees.
Quizzes are the best way to test your knowledge on different topics, learning outcomes and identify your strengths and weaknesses to plan further study. It also offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun.
This quiz on Emergency Respond Plan (ERP) helps you understand the elements of ERP, types of ERP, emergency alarm system, identification of credible scenarios and risk assessment, adequacy of infrastructures, exit requirement and evacuation procedures, fire order, emergency handling special kits and rescue techniques, assembly points and head count requirement, emergency fire drills, salvaging and firefighting water management, welfare facility and much more.
This questionnaire on emergency response plan can be shared with employees and workers to make them aware about the emergency preparedness and how to minimize the severity of consequences by regular practicing and review the plan. This emergency response plan quiz can also be used as an important tool to raise awareness of different safe work practices in hazardous industries where varieties of hazardous process involved with storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.     
This ERP quiz features 15 multiple choice questions and answers, with each question having four answer options. You must select the correct one by click on it, flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of Emergency preparedness and response plan to mitigate all types of emergencies in workplace.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the Emergency response plan quiz above

1. According to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38, an emergency action plan must be ______________.

2. According to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38, when an emergency action plan is not required in writing?

3. According to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38, What should be the minimum elements of emergency response plan?

4. Why emergency alarm must be provided in facility according to OSHA 1910.165?

5. When emergency siren system is not requires according to OSHA 1910.165-b-5?

6. What is the testing frequency of emergency siren according to OSHA 1910.165/d/2?

7. When should the emergency plan be reviewed?

8. What is the main objective of emergency response plan?

9. What are the examples of manmade emergency scenarios?

10. What are the examples of natural calamities scenarios?

11. After hearing the emergency siren, what would be the actions of all the workers?

12. In the event of a toxic gas release emergency, what is the correct method of evacuating the workplace?

13. If you see fire on equipment that is not manageable by the operation of a portable fire extinguisher, what will you do first?

14. What do you mean by headcount?

15. Which people do not need to immediately evacuate their workplace in an emergency?

To learn more about Emergency Response plan, keep reading the following information that will definitely help you think differently.

What do you mean by emergency?

Emergency cause due to the failure of safety control measures and is the sequence of abnormal events which has the potential to cause serious injury to life or harm to environment or damage to property.
It is abnormal event which may cause extensive damage to life, environment and property inside or outside the factory premises.

What is the objective of emergency response plan?

  • To minimize the severity of consequences of incidents.
  • To save the life by preventing fatalities and injuries.
  • Minimize the damage to properties such as buildings and infrastructure including machines, equipment, storage, and appliances.
  • Minimize the damage to environment and the community.
  • Stimulate the fastest response with confident
  • Accelerate the resumption of normal operations.

What should be considered while preparing ERP?

  • All significant credible scenarios identified in risk assessment and their probability of occurrences and severity of consequences.
  • Existing controls to manage the risk including prevention and protective measures.
  • Requirement of additional infrastructures including competent emergency responders, equipment and other necessary aid for a given situation.

Who should be involved in the preparation of the ERP?

  • Operation and maintenance employees including their supervisor
  • Members of health and safety committee
  • Safety professionals and occupational health practitioners
  • Employees with experience in risk assessment and incident investigations
  • Representative from district disaster management group, local government, police, fire, and coordinators from mutual aids schemes (for large organizations)
  • Small organizations can hire external experts

How many types of Emergency response plan?

There are two types of emergency response plan based on the effect of consequences.
1. Onsite emergency response plan: It is the response plan to mitigate the emergency within organizational premises as the effect of consequences is limited to factory or infrastructure premises.
Here the emergency is confined to factory boundary only and can be managed by organizational resources without affecting the community.
In onsite emergency response plan, the chief incident control is factory head.
2. Offsite emergency response plan: It is the response plan to mitigate the emergency initiated inside the infrastructure premises but affecting or may spread outside the premises and potential to cause harm to nearby community.
Here the emergency has potential to spread outside the factory premises and need external help to manage the emergency. In offsite emergency response plan, the chief incident controller is district administrative authority or designated government/ administrative body.

What are the elements of emergency response plan?

  • Details of operational process, storage, material safety data sheet, layout, factory boundary, topography.
  • Risk assessment (QRA, SQRA, Gas dispersion modeling, etc.)
  • Leadership, administration and regulating authorities.
  • Role and responsibilities of key personnel/ emergency respond team
  • Pre incident plan and resources inventory including emergency equipment.
  • List of credible scenarios and emergency action.
  • Fire order or chain of command
  • Details of emergency power, lights, exits, assembly points and accessibility to hospitals.
  • Source of energy control, Emergency alarm and Communication facility.
  • Suppression systems, emergency medical facility and evacuation planning
  • Emergency control center with copy of ERP and all facility needed for controlling the emergencies.
  • Mutual Aid and public relation including transportation.
  • Training, awareness, and periodical revision of plan.

What items should be available in the emergency control center?

  • Copy of Emergency response plan along with process details and all necessary layouts, P&IDs and operation manuals.
  • Key contact numbers for internal and external communication and communication system with backup mode.
  • Notepads, laptop/ computer, and other essential records.
  • MSDS and inventory data of hazardous material
  • Adequate furniture to accommodate key persons including chief incident controller, communication coordinator, media coordinator, head finance, head HR and admin, other advisers to chief incident controller including HSE head.
  • Television to access the news and press release.
  • VHF communication system

What emergency scenarios must be considered while preparing ERP?

Natural Calamities
Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami, storm, cyclone, Drought, Volcano, hyrricane, Landslide, mudslide, subsidence, Extreme temperatures, Biological emergencies, etc
Man-made emergency scenarios
Due to internal activity
Hazardous material including toxic gas release or spill, Utility interruption or failure, accidental radiation, Fire and explosion, transportation accident, Building or structure collapse, Emergency rescue from height, water,  entrapment or from confined spaces, workplace violence, etc.
Due to external cause
 Civil disturbance, Bomb threat, Terrorism,  Cyber security, etc.

What is assembly point?

This is a designated safe place away from the danger zone to assemble evacuees in an emergency.
All evacuees should be assembled at the assembly point and await further instructions from the responsible emergency coordinator. The assembly point coordinator should take their attendance for a headcount to assess missing persons in an emergency.

Who are the key people in the on-site emergency response plan?

  • Chief Incident Controller (Factory head)
  • Site Incident controller (Operation head)
  • Maintenance coordinator (Maintenance head)
  • Communication coordinator and telephone operator
  • Security in charge
  • Fire commander  - Emergency responder, rescue, and mutual aid coordinator
  • Medical coordinator
  • Welfare coordinator (Administrative Officer)
  • Auxiliary fire and rescue squad coordinator
  • Media and press release coordinator

Who are the first responders in an emergency?

Firefighter, Security/ police and ambulance staff are the first responder along with process operational designated team to control the process.


The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Quiz can be shared with your employees and workers to educate them about safe evacuation procedure and importance of emergency management planning. Training, awareness, and regular practice drill makes the workforce more competent to mitigate any emergencies in the workplace. ERP must be reviewed after each incident to keep the document dynamic to ensure its suitability for current situations.
This Emergency Response Plan Quiz is designed to cover all relevant information about dealing with workplace emergencies and helps to comply the requirement of OSHA.

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