Safety Quiz on work permit system – Safe working Practices

Safety Quiz on work permit system – Safe working Practices
Safety Quiz on work permit system – Safe working Practices

Safety Quiz on work permit system – Safe working Practices

Quiz on work permit system: Quiz is a great way to promote an awareness of the importance of maintaining Safety standard in workplace. Creativity is linked to fundamental problem-solving skills. Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a creative problem solver by taking these quizzes on Safety.
Work permit system: This is one of the safe work systems to control high-risk non-routine activities and some high-risk routine activities such as work in confined space, hot work, work at height, electrical insulation or high voltage work electrical equipment, work on operational flammable or high pressure pipelines, maintenance work on machines in restricted areas, Radiography, excavation, etc.
The Permit to work system is defined as a systematic and documented safe work system for performing high risk activities safely by taking all necessary safety precautions to manage risks before, during and after planned high risk work. It is to control the risky work in restricted area to prevent the accidents.
The work permit system makes it possible to identify hazards, assess risk, decide on controls, implement safety measures, formulate work control with roles and responsibilities and establish a clear communication.
The work permit system is controlled by the establishment of management procedures where high risk activities specific to restricted areas are identified. Some high-risk routine activities are also included in the work permit procedure. The organization should list routine activities where the permit system is not required, such as hot work in the fabrication yard, chemical testing at LAB, electrical work in the electrical quality assurance laboratory , lifting work in the mechanical workshop, EOT crane operation in the warehouse, etc.
Generally, the work permit system is applicable for high risk non-routine work in restricted areas identified in the work permit system procedure. It provides a clear record that all identified potential hazards and control measures have been taken before, during and after the high-risk work and approved by the issuer and recipient.
The effectiveness of the work permit system depends on the competence of the issuer, receiver and performers. All hazards and control measures identified in the work permit document should be communicated to workers for better enforcement and to ensure work safety.
The quiz on work permit system is an important way to raise awareness of the work permit system and to make the permit issuer and receiver knowledgeable about the work permit procedure.
This work permit system quiz is designed to cover all aspects of the work permit system and is made interesting by providing multiple choice questions and answers. It has 20 questions with answers in four options, you have to select one. The green flash is for the correct response and the red flash for the wrong one. At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear and redirect you to start over or quit.

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The quiz on work permit system helps to check the competence of the issuer and the receiver for an effective implementation of the work permit system. Quiz provides interesting mode to raise awareness on the importance and efficiency of the work permit system. Learning is an ongoing process, share this quiz with your employees to improve their skills on the work permit system.

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