Environment Quiz on Biodiversity – Ultimate Questionnaire

Environment Quiz on Biodiversity – multiple choice questions and answers
Environment quiz on Biodiversity

Environment Quiz on Biodiversity – Ultimate Questionnaire

Quiz on biodiversity: Biodiversity is a variety of diverse living organisms found on earth and they are interdependent and interact with each other in their ecosystem or habitat.
Quizzes are the great way to validate your learning outcomes and identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun.
This biodiversity quiz can be shared with employees or children or with the community to make them aware of the importance of conserving biodiversity. Humans are the important part of biodiversity and are responsible for its preservation and protection. This biodiversity questionnaire can be used as an important tool to raise awareness about the food chain and save the earth.
Industrialization, deforestation, agriculture, pollution and habitat modification are the main threats to the biodiversity of the species. It affects the reproduction of the species and directly kills due to various diseases formed due to human contamination.
Humans are responsible for the migration of certain species from one ecosystem to another, and the loss of species occurs in this local ecosystem. Monoculture is one of the main reasons for the extinction of plant species. CO2 emissions from various industries responsible for global warming and alteration of species biodiversity.
Biodiversity is very important to balance our terrestrial environment and our ecosystem.
All over the world, biodiversity loss is observed due to habitat loss, global warming, climate change, over-exploitation of resources, illegal poaching of livestock, deadly diseases, environmental pollution, industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, etc., the need to take strict measures against the causes of biodiversity loss and to preserve it by preserving it through legal obligations of government and 'other social organizations.
It is true that humans are the most beneficial species who enjoy almost all the benefits of biodiversity. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to take corrective action against the damage caused and to improve biodiversity through scientific management.
The main objective of biodiversity conservation is to save life on earth, to preserve all species, to maintain the ecosystem and a healthy environment forever so that it also stays healthy for the next generation.
Conserving biodiversity is very important to maintain the food chain, provide a healthy environment for varieties of species, including humans, and gain support for our sustainable development.
Biodiversity must be the important part of the education system. It is important to educate people from their childhood in school so that they can learn to respect Mother Earth.
This ultimate quiz on biodiversity will help you understand the meaning of biodiversity, conservation of biodiversity, importance of biodiversity, ecosystem, habitat, type of biodiversity, strategies to preserve and protect it and much more.
This biodiversity quiz includes 20 multiple choice questions and answers, each question has four answer options. You must select the correct one, flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the biodiversity questionnaire, your total score will appear.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of Biodiversity.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the biodiversity quiz above
1. What is meant by Biodiversity? 
2. What do you mean by endemic species?
3. Which one of the following is one of the reasons for the loss of biodiversity?
4. Which one of the following is top megadiverse country?
5. What are the examples of biodiversity conservation of the In-Situ type?
6. What are the examples of biodiversity conservation of the Ex-Situ type?
7. What is the objective of biodiversity conservation? 
8. How can we preserve biodiversity?
9. Why are Invasive Species a threat to biodiversity?
10. What are the examples of Genetic biodiversity?
11. What do you mean by Global Biodiversity?
12. What do you mean by HOT SPOTS in biodiversity?
13. What do you mean by Gamma biodiversity?
14. What do you mean by Ecosystem?
15. Which one of the following is not the threat to biodiversity?
16. What do you mean by biodiversity CARRYING CAPACITY?
17. What are the examples of cultural ecological services?
18. Which of the following is not part of biodiversity?
19. Which country found the highest population of marsupials?
20. How many species of living organisms has identified so far in world?

To learn more about Biodiversity, keep reading the following information that Will definitely help you think differently.

What is biodiversity?

The variety of life on earth is biodiversity or we can say the distinction between living organisms and includes the diversity within species, between species and ecosystems from all sources including marine, terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems. ecological complexes of which are part of.

What are the types of biodiversity?

There are three main types of biodiversity: genetic biodiversity, species biodiversity and habitat / ecosystem biodiversity.
1. Genetic biodiversity: it is related to the genes of living organisms and is the diversity within specific species.
2. Species biodiversity: occurs between different types of species (more than one different species) in a particular area or location.
3. Ecosystem biodiversity: The ecosystem is the interaction and interrelation between different living organisms and their non-living environment.

How important is biodiversity?

To balance the terrestrial environment and ecosystem, biodiversity is very important.
The main importance of biodiversity is illustrated below.
Food chain: There are huge living organisms that live on earth and they are useful in creating a specific food chain which is very useful in balancing and maintaining our ecosystem.
Aesthetic value: biodiversity is very useful for the aesthetic value of our territory.
Provides Varieties of Food: Different varieties of food can be obtained from different types of plants and animals.
Provides Medicinal Resources: Different kinds of medicines can be prepared from different kinds of plants and animals
Productive values: Some daily products can be obtained from different types of animals and plants in the form of oil, leather, etc.

What is mean by biodiversity loss?

Certain threats weigh on biodiversity, responsible for the extinction of certain species and ecosystems such as high population rate, pollution, natural disasters such as forest fires, certain insects destroying plants and certain animal epidemics, deforestation i.e. for industrialization and urbanization, Exotic species and Illegal hunting.

What is biodiversity conservation?

The protection, management and preservation of genetic diversity, species and ecosystems are important and are also referred to as biodiversity conservation.

Why is it important to conserve biodiversity?

The main objective of biodiversity conservation is to preserve and protect all life on earth, sustainably maintain the ecosystem and a healthy environment so that they can be available as is for the next generation.
Conserving biodiversity is very important to maintain the food chain, provide a healthy environment for varieties of species, including humans, and gain support for our sustainable development.

What are the objectives of biodiversity conservation?

Here are the main objectives of biodiversity conservation.
1. Protect and maintain the important ecosystem from destruction by preserving natural resources, maintaining the crucial ecosystem process, minimizing use, optimizing consumption, avoiding waste and maintaining water systems. help and survival.
2. As humans are part of the biodiversity of the ecosystem, it is ethical to conserve biodiversity.
3. Prevent the extinction of varieties of plants and animal species.
4. Promote the growth of rear species, explore new species for sustainable biodiversity.
5. Maintain the aesthetics of the Earth.
6. As humans are the main consumer of resources, the conservation of biodiversity requires economic and scientific benefits.


A Quiz on Biodiversity can be shared with your employees, community and school children to make them more responsible towards biodiversity and respect mother earth. Education, awareness, and law enforcement are the most effective ways to protect biodiversity and initiative to conserve biodiversity must be taken at individual to national level.
It is very important to raise awareness about conservation of biodiversity because each species is part of biodiversity and a single species can affect the entire ecosystem. This biodiversity questionnaire is designed to cover all relevant information on preserving and  protecting biodiversity and can be used as a training aid. It can also be used for validating the training program to uncover strengths and weaknesses in order to plan additional awareness programs on conservation of biodiversity.

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