Safety quiz on machine guarding – Multiple choice question answers

Safety quiz on machine guarding – Multiple choice question answers
Safety quiz on machine guarding – Multiple choice question answers

Safety quiz on machine guarding – Multiple choice question answers

Safety quiz on machine guarding: Moving parts of machines pose potential risks of causing serious injuries such as crushing hands and fingers, head injuries due to hair trapped in between, loss of the arm and other part of the body due to loose clothing stuck between machine parts, amputations, pinching, eye injuries from flying objects during chipping or cutting work, etc.
Among all, crushes of fingers and hands in unguarded machine parts are reported every year. Loose clothing or other personal items caught between moving parts of the machine will drag the worker into the machine and suffer serious injury.
 Even though most of the hazards are eliminated by best design practice by manufactures, there are still some hazards such as the unprotected moving part of machines due to human error after the maintenance work is completed. Peoples forgets to restore machine guards after inspection and maintenance which can be checked by installing a interlocking system.
Machine guards help prevent contact by establishing a physical barrier to the hazard. Machine guards such as fixed guards play a big role in preventing contact and can be used in most machines. Other types of machine guards are interlocked guards, manually adjustable guards and self-adjusting guards can also be preferred when choosing safety controls.
Human error must be eliminated by providing strong guards, compatible with the operation of the machine, interlocking with the starting mechanism, maintaining good ventilation, labeling and good design with maintenance in mind.
According to OSHA, it is the employer's responsibility to provide a safe workplace for its employees. The employer must provide relevant information, training and education to workers on the hazards associated with the machine and the methods to prevent them.
The Quiz on Machine Guarding is a great way to educate workers in an interesting way. It also makes it possible to check the strengths and weaknesses which are therefore useful for validating the effectiveness of training.
Here you will find the best quiz on machine guarding where there are 20 questions with multiple choice answers. You have to select the correct one and at the end of the quiz your result will appear.
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Machine manufacturers take care to eliminate the hazards created by machine parts through sound design. But in some circumstances, this may not be feasible and therefore additional safeguards must be provided to control the hazards.
Engineering control must be the priority, but certain dangers cannot be controlled, and safety therefore depends on human intervention and its behavior. As operators are prone to human error and commit violations, administrative and procedural controls are the least preferred.
The combination of various safeguard techniques to prevent and control the risks associated with machine parts is most of the time preferred to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


Hope you enjoyed the quiz on machine guarding. Hazards associated with machine parts can cause serious injury. Although most of the hazards are controlled during the basic design by manufacturer, the risk remains there, which must be controlled either by engineering practices and / or by best human practices.
A competent operator can control the hazards and manage the risk by adopting the best operational procedures. It is the employer's responsibility to provide the relevant information on the hazards associated with the machinery and he must provide training and education to his worker.
The quiz on Machine Guarding is the best medium to educate employees and workers in an interesting way. It also validates the effectiveness of training and can therefore be used as an input for training and identification of training needs.
The quizzes are helpful in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and I hope this quiz on machine guarding has helped you a lot.

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