Safety quiz on forklift safety – Multiple choice question answers

Safety quiz on forklift safety – Multiple choice question answers
Safety quiz on forklift safety

Safety quiz on forklift safety – Multiple choice question answers

Quiz on Forklift safety:  The quiz is a great way to promote awareness of the importance of maintaining safety standards in the workplace. Here you will find the best forklift safety technical quiz that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in forklift knowledge.

The forklift is an industrial vehicle with power operated forks in the front and a counterweight in position to maintain the center of gravity while lifting and lowering the material. Most forklifts are powered by a combustion engine and used for outdoor purposes, while battery-powered forklifts are preferred for indoor use.
The forklift is the most useful machine, but it can be dangerous if not used properly and can be seriously injured. Skilled operator, routine inspection and maintenance can prevent unacceptable incidents.
The safety quiz on the forklift truck makes it possible to make known the machine to be used safely and to inform the operator about all the necessary precautions in an interesting way. The best way to appear in the forklift quiz, you must read the safety instructions and then test your knowledge by solving this quiz.
Here you will find the best safety knowledge on forklift references to OSHA requirements, standard practices and experienced standard practices that can be shared with your employees to increase their awareness of forklift safety.

Safe operation of the Forklift

The forklift operator must be a trained, certified, and competent person and must carry out a check before use at each shift. He should wear the safety belt and other similar restraints and inspect the surroundings before starting the engine. Ensure visibility when driving in the direction of travel.
When transporting the load on the forks, manage the safety speed according to the condition of the surface, the load and the size of the material. Always drive the forklift with the forks lowered with safe ground clearance. Watch out for pedestrians and watch out for any obstacles on the way to the trip.
Rash driving must be avoided, and the forklift must not be stopped suddenly by hard braking. Be aware when turning and slow the speed when cornering, at the point of entry, on uneven surfaces, at doors and at the point of danger. It is recommended to sound the horn at all these dangerous places to alert the pedestrian or other vehicles.
Always apply the parking brake and make sure that the forks must be resting on the ground before leaving the forklift. Do not use a forklift that is not certified and does not work properly. Operating the forks lifting mechanism from outside the vehicle cab can be a dangerous act that could result in serious injury.
Avoid driving over uneven surfaces, live cables, flexible hoses, rebars and iron angles.
Follow the routine inspection and maintenance schedule to keep the forklift in good condition. Always perform annual testing and inspection by a competent person and renew the certificate of fitness. Do not use the forklift truck under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The use of a mobile when using a forklift is strictly prohibited since it destroys the operator's concentration/ attention and can cause serious incidents.

Now let’s test your knowledge on forklift safety by appearing to this quiz on forklift safety.

Instructions – Quiz on Forklift safety

  • There are 20 multiple choice questions.
  • Each question has four answer options.
  • Choose the right one and click on it.
  • The green color will appear when the answer is correct, otherwise the red background will flash.
  • Click the next button to continue the quiz.
  • There is no time limit.
  • At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear.
  • You can reappear the quiz an unlimited number of times.

It is not necessary to register to appear in the quiz, it is a free quiz for practical purposes. You can write a comment in the comments area for improvement.
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Hope you enjoyed the quiz on Forklift Safety, you can write your suggestions in comment box for further improvement.

Forklift warning and safety devices

Here are the warning and safety devices provided in forklift

1. Seat belt
2. Main horn and reverse horn
3. Flashlight – generally revolving or blinking type
4. Fire extinguisher
5. Side mirror and directional indicators light

Causes of forklift accidents

1. Incompetent operator
2. Mechanical failure due to poor maintenance
3. Over speeding and rash driving
4. Driving forklift with elevated forks and improper visibility.
5. lifting and carrying overload
6. Trying to lift the material from height without ensuring proper visibility.
7. Overturning of forklift due to an uneven surface or an uneven distribution of load on forks
8. Insufficient floor marking, and lack of directional signs can cause a collision with nearby material or pedestrians.
9. Turning at high speed can topple the forklift.
10. Improper and loose load lifting and transport.
11. Use of a forklift to raise personnel for work at height or to transport people by hanging it or standing on forks.


The forklift is the most useful machine but also possess several hazards associated with its operation practices and becomes dangerous if not operated properly. Periodic training to operator and routine inspection and maintenance can prevent the incidents.
Quiz on the forklift safety makes it possible to make known the machine to be used safely and to inform the operator about all the necessary precautions in an interesting way.
We are continuously updating the quizzes to make it most relevant to updated standards and to provide best safety knowledge to our readers. You can share this quiz on forklift safety with your employees to increase their awareness of forklift safety.


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