Fire Quiz on Fire Service Day | National Fire Service Week 2021 Theme, History and significance

Fire Quiz on Fire Service Day Theme
Fire Quiz on Fire Service Day Theme

Fire Quiz on Fire Service Day | National Fire Service Week 2021 Theme

Quiz on Fire Service Day: April 14 is observed as National Service Day every year in India to pay tribute to those brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during the massive fire at the Mumbai dockyard on April 14, 1944.
In Mumbai Victoria Dock, the freight SS Fort Stikine carrying with  mixed cargo of cotton balls, gold and ammunition, including tons of explosives was halted for a night an meantime caught fire and was destroyed in two giant explosions, dispersing debris, sinking surrounding boats and fires. in the region killing around 800 people.
Many people were killed outside the wharf area from falling shells and projectiles that exploded on impact. The canals near the docks were full of obstacles and a large area of ​​land was completely devastated. It took four days to put out the main fire, and for another two weeks, smaller fires continued through the ruins.
A total of 231 people assigned to the various services died and 476 others were injured. Outside the docks, more than 500 civilians were killed, and 2,408 others injured. 13 ships were lost, and 50,000 tons of ships were destroyed, and an additional 50,000 tons were severely damaged.
Quizzes are the best way to test your knowledge on different topics, learning outcomes and identify your strengths and weaknesses to plan further study. It also offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun.
This quiz on national fire service day theme helps you understand the importance of 14 April, history behind fire service day, objective of national fire service day, how to observe the national fire service day, importance of fire prevention and protection, and much more.
This questionnaire on National fire service day can be shared with employees, workers, school children and community peoples to make them aware about importance of fire safety, the emergency preparedness and how to minimize the severity of consequences to save the life and property.
This National fire service day theme quiz features 15 multiple choice questions and answers, with each question having four answer options. You must select the correct one by click on it, flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge of National fire service day, April 14.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the National Fire Service Day quiz above

1. When is National Service Day celebrated across India?

2. What was the name of the ship / freight involved in the Mumbai dock explosion in 1944?

3. How many massive explosions recorded during the explosion of the Mumbai dock in 1944?

4. Why National Fire Service Day is observed every year?

5. What was the theme of National Fire Service Day 2020?

6. April 14 is also observed as ___________ alternate to Nation Fire Department Day.

7. How many people die due to fires around the world each year according to WHO data?

8. While dealing with any fire emergency, always stand with an exit at your __________

9. What is the moto of fire services?

10. What should be the priority to manage any type of emergency?

11. Typically, SCBA duration calculations use __________ as a guide.

12. ___________ involves a reaction between oxygen and the surface of the solid fuel which char on heating.

13. A ______________is a region where sustained heat releasing reaction takes place between a fuel in the vapor state and oxygen.

14. What is the flammability range of hydrogen gas?

15. Which gas is considered as deadliest gas in Oil refineries and crude oil rigs operation?


The National Fire Service Day Quiz can be shared with your employees and workers to educate them about importance of fire prevention and protection. Training, awareness, and regular practice fire drill makes the workforce more competent to mitigate any fire emergencies in the workplace. Fire service day and week is observed to spread awareness about fire safety not only to factory workers but also amongst nearby communities.
This National fire service day Quiz is designed to cover all relevant information about fire safety and helps to spread awareness on fire safety.

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