Environment Quiz on recycling methods

Environment Quiz on recycling methods
Environment Quiz on recycling methods

Environment Quiz on Recycling methods

Quiz on recycling methods: Recycling is the process of collecting, cleaning, processing and treating waste or scrap that is no longer usable as waste and transforms it into new products for the same or different uses. It is the best way to prevent environmental pollution, reduce consumption of natural resources and save energy. It is one of the important elements of modern waste management system and the third element of the waste hierarchy i.e. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.
Quizzes are the best way to validate your learning outcomes and identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also offers an interesting way to learn new things with joy and fun.
This recycling methods quiz helps you understand the real meaning of recycling, the concept of waste management, the types of recyclable waste including plastic, waste paper and cardboard, metals, glass, kitchen waste, electronics, wood, textiles and much more.
This recycling methods questionnaire can be shared with employees or children or with the community to educate them about the importance of waste management, waste collection methods, garbage recycling and prevention of soil and water pollution. Humans are the most beneficial species on earth as they consume most of the resources and cause air, land and water pollution, so they are responsible for preserving and protecting the environment. This recycling method quiz can be used as an important tool to raise awareness of environmental sustainability by preventing land and water pollution, saving energy, natural resources and thus saving mother earth.
This recycling quiz includes 20 multiple choice questions and answers, each question has four answer options. You must select the correct one, flashing green indicates the correct answer, while red is the wrong answer. At the end of the Environment quiz on recycling, your total score will appear.
Let's start the quiz and test your knowledge about recycling methods.



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Here is the list of questions covered in the recycling quiz above
1. What is exactly mean the recycling?

2. What type of material can be recycled?

3.  What are the benefits of recycling?

4. What is Mandatory recycling collection legislation?

5. What is Container Depot Legislation?

6. What is Refuse bans legislation?

7. Which of the following can be converted into carpet after recycled?

8. Which of the following material is converted into pulp during recycling?

9. Which of the following materials can give gold during recycling?

10. How many curved arrows are there in the recycling symbol?

11. What do the three-chasing-arrows in the shape of a triangle of the recycling loop symbol represent?

12. What percentage of energy is required to recycle cardboard compared to making new cardboard?

13. How much waste is produced per average person per day according to the EPA?

14. Which of the following material cannot be recycled?

15. How many sheets of paper does an office worker use on average per year?

16. How many trees can we avoid recycling 1 ton of paper?

17. How many times can glass be recycled before it loses its purity?

18. How many years does it take for aluminum canes to decompose completely?

19. Electronic waste should be placed in which of the following bin?

20. What does WEEE stand for?

To learn more about Air pollution, keep reading the following information that will certainly help you think outside the box.

What is recycling?

Recycling is the process of collecting, cleaning, processing and treating waste or scrap that is no longer usable as waste and transforms it into new products for the same or different uses. It is simply a process of converting waste material into new usable material by some treatment.

What waste material can be recycled?

Material that has the ability to recover its original properties can be recycled.
Any material made of plastic, rubber, paper, cardboard, wood, textile and metal can be recycled.
Even electronic waste, including batteries and electronics, can also be recycled.
Biodegradable items such as kitchen waste can also be recycled

What are the benefits of recycling?

Helps to prevent environmental pollution
Prevent secondary land pollution as landfills and incinerators
Help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
Helps to conserves natural resources and also reduces consumption of fresh raw material
Helps to saves energy

What legislative options have been made to ensure a stable supply of recycling materials to support the recycling program?

There are three main legislative options have been made to ensure the stable supply of recycling material.
1. Mandatory recycling collection: It is the law that sets recycling targets with a target date for different cities in the form of a certain percentage of a material to be diverted from the city's waste stream.
2. Container Depot Legislation: It offers the system of refunding a certain amount of money for the return of certain product containers when a product in such container is purchased.
3. Refuse bans: Certain materials may be classified as hazardous waste and the disposal of these materials as waste is prohibited. These materials can be used oil, old batteries, catalysts, electronic waste, etc.


The Environmental Recycling Quiz can be shared with your employees, your community and your school children to make them aware of the importance of waste management by recycling waste such as paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, wood, textiles, etc. to avoid land and water pollution. This quiz can also be used as a training aid to educate people about the benefits of recycling methods for saving the environment, natural resources, saving energy, and a great way to make money out of them.
Education, awareness and law enforcement are the most effective ways to prevent and minimize waste. The management of waste through appropriate means of segregation, storage, disposal and recycling should be taken at individual level, industrial level and national level by government.
This recycling quiz is designed to cover all relevant information on recycling processes and methods and can also be used to validate the training program to uncover strengths and weaknesses in order to plan additional awareness programs on the different methods of recycling for different types of waste.

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