Safety Quiz on Electrical Transformer Safety

Safety Quiz on Electric Transformer Safety
Safety Quiz on Electric Transformer Safety

Safety Quiz on Electrical Transformer Safety

A transformer is a machine that transfer electricity from one circuit to another with changing voltage level without changing frequency. It is vital electrical equipment designed for high voltage capacity, usually located in an electrical switch yard and at electrical substation that present a fire hazard due to the presence of a large amount of oil. Particular attention should be paid to inspection and maintenance as this can create risks to human health.
Several fire incidents have been recorded worldwide and the entire electrical installation has been damaged, special care must therefore be taken to protect the transformer and the nearby installation against fire.
Training in transformer safety is very important in educating operators about its dangers, risk management, safe working practices and the precautions to be taken during inspection and maintenance.
The electrical transformer safety quiz is the best way to pass on the training in an interesting way or to test the knowledge after the end of the training. The quiz can help validate the training participant and offers opportunities for improvement.
Here you will find the best transformer safety quiz, which is prepared according to the requirements of international standards and practical experience. This quiz is in multiple choice questions and answers where an explanation is also provided on the correct answers for more awareness.
You can use this quiz to test your knowledge of transformer safety or to validate your participant after the training. You can write the suggestion in the comments box to further improve this quiz so that all people can benefit. This is a free quiz prepared with the objective of raising awareness and preventing injuries to all human beings. Our goal is zero incidents worldwide and to create a healthy environment.

Instructions – Quiz on transformer safety

  • There are 20 multiple choice questions.
  • Each question has four answer options.
  • Choose the right one and click on it.
  • The green color will appear when the answer is correct, otherwise the red background will flash.
  • Click the next button to continue the quiz.
  • There is no time limit.
  • At the end of the quiz, your total score will appear.
  • You can reappear the quiz an unlimited number of times.

It is free quiz for practice purpose without any registration. You can write a comment in the comments box for improvement.


Quiz on Transformer Safety

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It is free quiz for practice purpose without any registration. You can write a comment in the comments box for improvement.

Transformers safety Tips

  • Follow the periodic schedule of preventive and predictive inspection and maintenance to prevent or minimize breakdowns.
  • Monitor the electrical transformer for any burning odor, loose fittings or connections, damaged cables, and temperature reading.
  • Follow the lockout and tagout procedure when working on the transformer for any maintenance work. Ensure zero electrical leakage or continuity between the power source and the system.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) and pay attention to the specific ratings of the transformer voltage output. Provide over-current protection for conductors and circuits according to the manufacturer's instructions in the manufacturer's manual.
  • Balance the impedance load using multiple transformers. Prevent overloading of the transformer.
  • Ensure that the transformer must be grounded to prevent static electricity and to prevent the coils from contacting the housing or the core.
  • Ensure that the transformer and its components must be dry and free from any type of moisture or water.
  • The transformer area must be fenced with a locked gate.
  • To prevent unauthorized entry and protect unqualified spectators, provide warning signs to warn and alert people.
  • The earth electrode should be checked periodically for conductivity.
  • No smoking and danger signs may be placed on the fence in accordance with electrical standards.

Here are the points to check during a routine inspection by a competent person
Oil Tank
  • Oil tank must be free from any corrosion
  • The earthing of the oil tank must be in good condition
  • There should be no signs of oil leakage
Cooling System
  • Cooler fins must be free of dust, otherwise clean it
  • Inspect the condition and position of all valves
  • Inspect the condition of the oil pump, oil leaks and any oil flow indicator should work properly
  • Check for abnormal noise and excessive vibration
Fire safety
  • Check the positive pressure of the inert gas and the setting of nitrogen blanketing
  • Availability and conditions of fire extinguishers
  • Inspect the high velocity water spray system
  • It must be free of dirt and dust, clean and free from defects
  • Check the oil level and any leaks
Tap Changer
  • Inspect the position indicator tap
  • Check the locking mechanism
  • Check the condition of silica gel breather
  • Check for any oil leakage
Protective devices
  • Take the reading of oil temperature
  • Check oil temperature set points
  • Inspect Buchhlotz relay alarms and trip mechanism
  • Check the interlock system with gas detectors 


Quiz is a great way to promote an awareness of the importance of maintaining safety standard in workplace. This Quiz on transformer safety help you and your staff/ workers to spread awareness and to prevent the injuries. Creativity is linked to fundamental problem-solving skills. Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a creative problem solver by taking these quizzes on Safety, Environment, occupational health and fire protection.

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